Non Sul Collo

A local pizzeria with a garden setting over the valley

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Just a short 5 minute drive from La Torre, lies a traditional Italian Pizzeria named Non Sul Collo and is one of our favourite pizza places that we have been to! Located just as you enter the old town of Gambassi Terme, the pizzeria is always full of happy customers, being as busy as it is, every order has to be booked, even for take away! The restaurant offers vegan, vegetarian and gluten free and even dessert options to accommodate all customers.  They serve our favourite style of pizza, thin crust, that almost snaps as you eat it, which is more Tuscan style.

'Prosciutto Crudo e Funghi'

Ham and mushroom pizza, spicy salami and mushroom pizza

The ham and mushroom pizza is Angus’ favourite pizza, the tomato sauce is extraordinarily smooth, not too sour as some pizza bases may be, it's seasoned with pepper, salt and basil to make a delicious tomato base. The ham tastes fresh and gives a slightly more salty taste to the pizza as it cooks and blends with the stringy mozzarella making it more flavourful. As for the mushrooms they provide a more smoky aroma to the pizza, giving an exquisite taste overall.

'Salame Piccante e Funghi'

Pepperoni and mushroom pizza

I know what you’re thinking, pepperoni pizza - if you order a pepperoni pizza in Italy, you’ll be served with bell peppers rather than spicy salami pieces! Salame piccante and mushrooms are one of Scott’s favourite pizza toppings, the mushrooms give the smoky aroma but the spicy salami provides a mouthwatering sensation on the tongue that combines adequately with the smoothness of the tomato sauce and light mozzarella. Not to mention, the thin crust is crispy and perfectly salted, going well with all types of pizza. 

'Pizza dolce'

Nutella dessert pizza

'Dessert Pizza' is something special, we order it every time we go to Non Sul Collo - they should sell it with a gym membership! Flooded with Nutella on top of a plain pizza base is heavenly for chocolate fans - i.e Scott! Haha...we really recommend trying it if you have a sweet tooth, but this is too much for 2 people, better shared between 4 or 6!

The garden setting at Non Sul Collo

Even though we usually take away the pizza from Non Sul Collo, there is a beautiful garden to dine in that is majestically covered by bushes and plants. The garden is situated high up the slope of Gambassi, therefore the stunning view of the valley and rolling hills of Gambassi can be seen and appreciated.

Contrastingly, if you're looking to spend a cosy night in at La Torre or a chilled evening by the pool, a delivery can be placed over the phone or collected at the restaurant!


The remarkable pizzeria had become one of our go to restaurants, not only to eat in but as well as take away. The pizza is freshly baked to a high standard and the staff is always friendly. The wonderful garden setting provides a relaxing space to enjoy the exquisite food and experience an evening out in the crisp Tuscan air at Gambassi Terme. Range of 6-11 Euro for a pizza.

Atmosphere: 8

Experience: 8

Food: 9

Service: 9